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My name is Endeavorance, and I want to increase the number of smiles in the world.

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New streams every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on Twitch.

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Shirts, hoodies, mugs, desk mats and tons more. Get yourself some unhinged attire or a mug or something idk.

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Stuff Keeps Happening

Stuff Keeps Happening is a newsletter, podcast and video series covering ongoing stuff around the world, especially in tech, policy, gaming and science. Enjoy it however best suits you!

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Here's some links to places I want to highlight as worth donating to. I'll try my dangdest to make sure anythign I list here is Actually Good

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I have been known to Post Things Online here and there.

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Want to work with me? Here's that section. Nice.

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Want to get in touch? Here's a few options. For business stuff, scroll just a tad more!

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Want to send me a thing? I have a P.O. box for you! Send mail or packages to:

405 E Laburnum Ave Ste 3
Richmond, VA 23222

Creator Resources

Are you a content creator? Just starting out or maybe already well into your journey?

I am working to put together guides that I wish I had available when I started off. If you wanted to know what equipment I use or how I make my stuff, check out my creator resources below.

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